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Yachting Travel yacht rental is one of the directions of the French tour operator Djoca Travel. We have been working on the Ukrainian market since 2009. Yachting is our passion and we are happy to share this passion with you!

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  • Rent of yachts with and without a skipper
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  • River cruises

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Yacht - tour


– Accommodation on the new comfortable Sun Odyssey 439 yacht
– Equipment on the yacht
– Services of a professional skipper
– A boat with a motor
– Transfer Airport Tivat – Kotor base – Airport Tivat

24 900 ₴    20 225 ₴


– Accommodation in a double cabin with air conditioning and a separate bathroom – Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
– Crew service: captain, cook, sailor
– Water sports on board: equipment for scuba diving and sea kayaking

40 000 ₴    38 160 ₴


– Accommodation on the new comfortable Dufour 412 GL yacht
– Equipment on the yacht
– Services of a professional skipper
– A boat with a motor
– Transfer La Paz Airport – La Paz Base – Airport
* the price is calculated on the condition of 6 people on board, according to the exchange rate on 04/30/2021 € = 33.64 UAH

21 900 ₴    20 273 ₴

If I were asked to answer the question in one word, “What is yachting?”, I would answer that it is freedom. Freedom from hustle and bustle, from everyday stress, freedom of movement, freedom of action… Imagine – the starry sky, the melody of cicadas, the sound of waves, far from civilization, where you immerse yourself in true bliss. Or the morning, you meet the dawn in a picturesque bay with a cup of aromatic coffee. Or the feeling of adrenaline when you hold the helm in your hands and your yacht cuts the waves under your control. You want to stop every such moment and make it last forever! Everyone can find “his” yachting, and we will be happy to help you!

Oksana Estegassi

Frequently asked questions

You can go on a yacht with children! This is the best opportunity for children to learn about sailing.

The most important thing is to provide all possible security measures. To this end, we have prepared tips on how to protect and entertain your children during a yacht cruise.

– Life jackets are especially important for children, even if they are swimmers. All children must wear life jackets.

– Protective net

If you have very young children on board, it is a good idea to install a safety net before going on a charter. The safety net provides effective protection for children playing or sunbathing on deck and prevents them from sliding overboard.

– Health tips

It is very important that children use sunscreen during the cruise, as the sun can be more intense in the water. Take medicine with you, such as pain relievers, fever medicine, sore throat medicine and others.

– Entertainment program

Be sure to bring your child’s favorite beach and water toys, books, so that they have something to entertain themselves.

Book with us with confidence during COVID-19!

Traveling and relaxing on board a yacht is the best way to relax these days and the last thing you need to worry about is how to book a yacht without a headache.

You can feel confident booking with us thanks to our flexible terms:

Rebooking without penalty for another period within 12 months from the date of departure of the original charter.

Receipt of a voucher for the value of the charter. Your deposit will be transferred to a new booking.

Restrictions due to COVID-19 include the following cases:

The country’s borders are closed.

Government authorities do not recommend sending to the country of origin of the charter.

We are unable to arrange your charter due to the restrictions imposed.

With us, you can always be sure that under any conditions we will be able to find a solution that suits you

These days it’s getting harder and harder to “unplug” from what’s going on in the world … We need access to our news … email … work … probably even Facebook. And if we do not have this access? We may feel stressed or anxious.

But don’t worry! Regardless of your price range and internet requirements, there are ways to stay connected while at sea.

If close enough to shore, most marinas provide Wi-Fi, but with varying degrees of signal quality.

You can also rent or buy a modem that you can connect to your laptop right on the yacht.

Turkey is a country created for yachting, because it is surrounded by the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean seas. With more than 500 islands and 4,400 miles of coastline, it’s no wonder Turkey is a yachtsman’s paradise.

Montenegro – has objects under the protection of UNESCO, and the beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea attracts sailors-enthusiasts from all over the world. Explore snow-white sandy beaches, small uninhabited islands, grottos accessible only by yacht and charming harbors.

Croatia is one of Europe’s most stunning sailing regions with more than 1,200 islands in the Adriatic Sea. In this region you will find thousands of islands, spectacular waterfalls and welcoming towns. Enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate and explore the blue-green waters and rocky coastline with secluded coves.

Greece is a country of luxurious olive groves, ancient civilizations and peaceful life. While on a charter in Greece, you will enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate and stroll through beautiful villages dotted with white houses against the background of turquoise waters.

Mexico – if you want to relax, see whales, swim with sea lions and eat spicy seafood of high quality, then this is the ideal place to plan a yacht charter.

The Maldives is perfection, stretching like a necklace of unusual pearls in the Indian Ocean at the equator.

Seychelles is a luxurious yacht charter destination, with gorgeous tropical islands, sandy beaches and majestic granite cliffs polished by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean.

When choosing a yacht or catamaran for charter, carefully consider the goals you set before yourself. Are you planning a quiet family vacation or want to experience extreme yachting?

Let’s start with the fact that a catamaran is also a yacht, only with two hulls. We can say that a catamaran is a large and very comfortable yacht. If you want to relax with your family or in the company of friends and comfort and space are important to you, choose a catamaran. Catamarans have larger cabins, more bathrooms, wide areas for sunbathing, but the charter price, accordingly, is also higher.

For lovers of drive and extreme in yachting, a sailing yacht definitely has a wider range of possibilities from extreme roll to calm walking under sails in “beach mode”. Most sea lovers claim that classic sailing yachts are more romantic than catamarans. Maybe they are right

But pleasure from the sea wind, lapping waves and rustling of sails remains constant during a trip on a yacht or a catamaran!

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